An Exclusive CoWorking Environment to Accommodate Your Business Needs

An Exclusive Coworking Environment to Accommodate Your Business Needs

Coworking Is More Than Just Another Pretty Space

At Strategic Workspace, we offer modern coworking spaces where entrepreneurs network and business gets done. With a host of amenities to accommodate the needs of any business professional, including a calendar of community events and networking opportunities, Strategic Workspace provides the perfect environment for developing ideas, making connections, and taking care of business. 

Our Wichita office space is the ideal spot for any business, whether it be a startup or a well-established company. We offer four unique office space plans, but two of our most popular are the Private Office and the Dedicated Desk. The Private Office package comes with several office necessities, such as high-speed internet, a receptionist, networking events, free conference room time, locking doors, and locking file cabinets. 

If you require less space and amenities, the Dedicated Desk package may be the perfect fit. Strategic Workspace also offers community events to help you connect with potential clients, partners, and other like-minded professionals. Or if you just need a dedicated space to get the job done, away from the distractions that working from home can create, we have the office space for you. 

We also offer four rooms for community events, including conference and seminar rooms of various sizes, and medium to large venue spaces. Our conference rooms host anywhere from 6 to 50 people, and our large conference and seminar rooms even have kitchenettes. For larger gatherings, we recommend our larger venue spaces, which can accommodate up to 150 people and include outside access and TVs.


  • Conference rooms
  • Community events
  • Professional reception area
  • Entrepreneurial network
  • Lounge area
  • Copy machines and printers
  • Kitchenette with coffee and tea
  • Great location just off of Kellogg and close to downtown Wichita
  • Plenty of parking for you, your workers, and your customers
  • Professional cleaning services

Whether you need a large space for a conference or community event, or simply a workspace where you can be productive, Strategic Workspace has the perfect space for you. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and features of our Wichita office space, get in touch with us today!

The 5 Biggest Advantages of Coworking

The 5 Biggest Advantages of Coworking

The face of the economy is always changing, but has even more rapidly in the last decade. More and more people are working from home, starting their own businesses, or picking up side gigs to pay the bills. As fewer people work “traditional” jobs in offices, the demand for coworking spaces is growing, and will continue to. Coworking offers shared spaces for freelancers, small business owners, and contractors to do their work while enjoying the benefits of an office. 

What are those benefits? We’re glad you asked! Here are the 5 biggest advantages of coworking:

  1. Networking
    One of the top benefits of coworking is being exposed to many other creative, motivated, and innovative people. You never know who you’re going to connect with—it could be your next business partner, vendor, or client!
  2. Productivity
    Let’s face it, trying to work from home can be a hassle. Distractions are everywhere, from dishes and laundry to kids and pets, and of course, browsing the kitchen for snacks. Coworking space gives you a dedicated area to focus, boosting your productivity and minimizing time wasters.
  3. Flexibility
    Most coworking spaces offer flexible arrangements and schedules for your time there. This is perfect for part-time freelancers or contractors, who may not want to sign up for a long-term commitment. 
  4. Cost savings
    Instead of renting an office space with major overhead, or racking up your bills at home, a coworking space provides a maintenance-free place to get your projects done. You won’t have to worry about upkeep costs or additional costs for things like mailboxes, conference rooms, or Wi-Fi.
  5. Social opportunities
    Loneliness is a major health epidemic in our country, and people are more isolated than ever. Coworking spaces are great opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Chat around the water cooler, grab lunch, or make lasting friendships with your fellow coworkers. It beats staring at the wall at home alone every day!

Want to experience the benefits of coworking for yourself? Come down and check out Strategic Workspace in Wichita today! We look forward to welcoming you into our office.

Member Highlight: Urban Cool ICT Homes


Steven Myers is the creator and owner of Urban Cool ICT. With the help of Erika, his agent and Emily, his assistant, Steven has been able to grow his company into a top tier real estate staple in the Wichita community. Steven started his own business with the hopes of being able to gain freedom and flexibility to create a better experience for home buyers and sellers. He chose to start his company in Wichita because this is home. Steven was raised here and enjoys helping the community from start to finish. Steven’s goal when he started Urban Cool ICT was to help clients have a stress-free buying experience when purchasing their dream home. Steven and his team love their office here at Strategic Workspace. They say Strategic makes life simpler for them to solely focus on the business without the stress of day to day office interferences.

SW Member Highlight: Gary Wilbert Roofing

SW Member Highlight: Gary Wilbert Roofing

At Strategic Workspace, we like to shed a light on our members and what they do for the public. This week, we wanted to share Gary Wilbert’s story and showcase how Gary and his company have helped out the community of Wichita.

To start off, we asked Gary what the name of his company was and how he first got the idea for his roofing business, “The name of the company is Access Wilbert Enterprises Inc., aka Gary Wilbert Roofing. I’ve been in the building and construction business for 40 years and I realized what happens in Wichita after a hailstorm. After it hails, insurance will come out and pay for the roofing so it’s quite the lucrative business to be in. So in 2009, I decided to dedicate my focus to residential and commercial re-roofing that is primarily after a hailstorm.”

We then decided to ask Gary what his original goal was for his company and why he chose Wichita as the city to start his company, Gary said, “I started my company in the late 70’s to be a remodeling contractor, which I did but I ended up decided to go down a different path, so I chose roofing.” Gary then proceeded to tell us about how he was born and raised in Wichita, “I’ve grown up here my whole life, my wife is from here, and three out of the four of my kids all live here, so it’s all I know. I have had thoughts about relocating somewhere else, but at the end of the day Wichita is home.

One of Strategic Workspace’s main goals is to give back to the businesses of Wichita so we wanted to know how Gary and his company give back to the citizens of Wichita, “Individuals that are elderly who call me usually have no one else to call and have repairs that no other company wants to go do, but we always do them and sometimes we do it for no charge. When they call, you can tell they are in a state of semi-panic so I go out there and help because I feel like it is my duty to take care of them.”

Lastly, we wanted to know how renting an office space at Strategic Workspace has helped Gary grow his company, Gary replied “It’s the open concept, like the kitchen area, where people/business’s can all hangout and I am able to get acquainted with them and network. A lot of shared office spaces lack communication, but it’s not like that here. I feel like it’s a small community because of how open the spaces/building is.”

If you would like more information on Gary and his business, check out his website.  Lastly, if you would like to find out more about Strategic Workspace, click HERE to learn about us or schedule a FREE tour now!

SBA is trying to give away Money

SBA is trying to give away Money

In light of the Coronavirus crisis, the SBA is doing what it takes to keep businesses going. Including a $10,000 advance you get in days that will be forgiven.

Below is an email that I received directly from Sarah Haymaker from the SBA that will help clarify some of the programs they are offering……

The loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will be forgivable IF they are used for eligible purposes. That will include payroll expenses, mortgage interest/rent, and utilities for the business. We believe that because of the demand for these loans, 75% of the funds will need to be used for payroll related expenses in order for the debt to be forgiven. The way the bank (these will be provided by local banks, not directly from SBA) will calculate the loan amount will be based on your last 12 months average payroll expenses. Then you will be provided 2.5x the amount of you average monthly payroll and in order for the debt to be forgiven, you will have to keep all employees on the payroll for 8 weeks.

Here is how it reads at this point:

Eligible uses: Employee salaries, paid sick or medical leave, insurance premiums, and mortgage, rent, and utility payments.

Forgiveness: The amount spent by the borrower during an 8-week period after the origination date of the loan on: payroll costs, interest payment on any mortgage incurred prior to February 15, 2020, payment of rent on any lease in force prior to February 15, 2020, and payment on any utility for which service began before February 15, 2020. Employee and compensation levels must be maintained and payroll cost capped at $100,000 on an annualized basis for each employee.

Any advance amount received under the Emergency Economic Injury Grant Program will be subtracted from the amount forgiven.

As you know, the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) are available directly from SBA. These can be used for any legitimate working capital needs, but you cannot use these funds for the same purposes you would use the PPP funds if you get one of those loans. So you would have to make sure you don’t use the EIDL funds for payroll, utilities, etc. because you must use the PPP funds for those expenses until you run out of them or the 8 weeks is up to make sure you can get that debt forgiven. The EIDL funds are to provide 6 months or your working capital needs, PPP provides 2.5x your monthly payroll to ensure you can keep staff on the payroll and off unemployment for 8 continuous weeks.

Also as a part of the application for the EIDL funds, you can request an advance of up to $10,000 that will be processed in just a few days. If you are approved for the advance, these funds will also be forgiven, regardless of whether you are approved for the full loan or if you decide not to take the loan. If you DO get an EIDL advance AND a PPP loan, the EIDL advance amount will reduce the amount of the PPP loan that can be forgiven.

Example: You get a EIDL advance for $10,000. Your PPP loan is approved in the amount of $75,000. The maximum amount of the PPP loan that can be forgiven if the funds are used for qualified expenses will now be $65,000 because the $10,000 will be forgiven, leaving you with a loan balance of $10,000.


Here are some details about the two products:

EIDL interest rate = 3.75%
PPP interest rate = 0.5%
EIDL term = 30 years, no matter the amount to minimize payments and enable businesses to pay off early with no penalties when they recover
PPP term = 2 years for any balance that is not forgivable
EIDL payments = automatically deferred for 12 months, interest begins accruing at the time of disbursement
PPP payments = deferred for 6 months, could be deferred an additional 6 months with lender agreement
EIDL fees = none
PPP fees = lender may charge an application fee, max. amount will be set by SBA

One of our partners put together a draft side-by-side comparison of the different products. While this is not official, I find it helpful at this point and you can find it here

We will be talking more about this on a call Friday April 3rd.

Click here to register or listen to the replay after April 3rd

Tony Javier
Founder/Strategic Workspace