Yeah, that’s kind of similar to where I was about 10 years ago. Like I had to fire my whole staff for the third time and I had to take the whole business back and I was sick of hiring the wrong people, firing the wrong people, and that pain right there. And that, just like I went through a mental, like not, I don’t call it a breakdown, but there was something that was just like, they’d hit me. That drove me to the bottom that I was like, I’ve got to make a change. I did the same thing. I hired a coach that was, he had a business where he didn’t look at houses. He didn’t meet with buyers, he didn’t meet with sellers. He had a true business. So I hired him as a coach. And then, fortunately, a few years later, I got my business to where it was, where I was no longer meeting with buyers, no longer meeting with sellers, no longer meeting with contractors. The things that I just didn’t like to do, I like to be the creative mind behind it. So it sounds like you kind of have a similar thing where you just don’t want to have the pain of being in those details and doing the things that you don’t want to do.

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