10 years ago. I hit a low point where it was like, I tried so many things. I had to clear out my whole staff so many times, my business, I thought was going in the right direction. I mean, automated, but then it would just take like a few things for all of a sudden, it just kind of crumbling. And so I hired a coach that had an automated real estate investing business, similar to mine. And once I got that vision, that’s when it like, stuck of like what I wanted. So I feel like vision is a big part of it. But then, you know, the reason I thought of this is that you said you didn’t think some things could be automated. I didn’t think that I could meet with sellers or you know, I didn’t think I could get out of the project management process. I didn’t think there were so many things that I didn’t think that I could get out of once I got the vision and some of the systems within a few years, I was out of all of it for the most part. Yeah.

Tony Javier is the owner of Strategic Workspace, Real Estate Masters, and Professional Home Buyers which is an INC 5000 rated company. If you want to get more valuable information and connect with Tony go to www.TonyJavier.com.

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