First 10 years of my career. If I could go back and look at what I was and what I did. I mean, some of the things that you said, I was the opposite. I had bad energy. I was always serious because I thought that’s what a business owner needed to do. Right? You go to a job site, you’re the authoritarian, you know, I didn’t ask for a lot of help, but there’s so much help out there. Right? I mean, there are masterminds. There are people that have been there and done that. And that’s, that’s another thing that I wish someone would have taught me in the very beginning, was that you don’t have to go through all the mistakes. Right. That’s why there are podcasts. That’s why there’s education. That’s why there are masterminds. That’s why there’s coaching. That’s why there’s, you know, all of these tools that you need to plug into. I mean, those are some of the greatest investments that you can make are in yourself and getting in front of great people that have been there, done that or at the very least have the resources for you, or maybe just have a great idea for you. Maybe they haven’t done it, but they’re like, Hey Dean, have you tried that? And then it’s like all of a sudden it changes the game.

Tony Javier is the owner of Strategic Workspace, Real Estate Masters, and Professional Home Buyers which is an INC 5000 rated company. If you want to get more valuable information and connect with Tony go to

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