Yeah, I think sales, I mean, you’re in the sales industry, so you finally go with me. I imagine sales are probably one of the most important parts of a business, obviously marketing and bringing clients in. But once you get them in selling them, it is an art, right? It’s interesting because I’ll go into like, even a coffee shop and I’ll go in, or I say a coffee shop. I went in there the other day, it was kind of a coffee shop, but basically, we ordered a meal and I was asking, it was the owner I was talking to, I found out, but I was looking at the menu and I was like, do you have a kombucha or something or something like that? And he just said, no, and that’s all he said. And so we ordered our food and I sat down and I looked at the menu I’m like, there’s like three drinks here that look really freaking good. That is similar to kombucha. If he would have just said that is an amazing drink right there. I would have spent five bucks on that drink.

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