At Strategic Workspace, we like to shed a light on our members and what they do for the public. This week, we wanted to share Gary Wilbert’s story and showcase how Gary and his company have helped out the community of Wichita.

To start off, we asked Gary what the name of his company was and how he first got the idea for his roofing business, “The name of the company is Access Wilbert Enterprises Inc., aka Gary Wilbert Roofing. I’ve been in the building and construction business for 40 years and I realized what happens in Wichita after a hailstorm. After it hails, insurance will come out and pay for the roofing so it’s quite the lucrative business to be in. So in 2009, I decided to dedicate my focus to residential and commercial re-roofing that is primarily after a hailstorm.”

We then decided to ask Gary what his original goal was for his company and why he chose Wichita as the city to start his company, Gary said, “I started my company in the late 70’s to be a remodeling contractor, which I did but I ended up decided to go down a different path, so I chose roofing.” Gary then proceeded to tell us about how he was born and raised in Wichita, “I’ve grown up here my whole life, my wife is from here, and three out of the four of my kids all live here, so it’s all I know. I have had thoughts about relocating somewhere else, but at the end of the day Wichita is home.

One of Strategic Workspace’s main goals is to give back to the businesses of Wichita so we wanted to know how Gary and his company give back to the citizens of Wichita, “Individuals that are elderly who call me usually have no one else to call and have repairs that no other company wants to go do, but we always do them and sometimes we do it for no charge. When they call, you can tell they are in a state of semi-panic so I go out there and help because I feel like it is my duty to take care of them.”

Lastly, we wanted to know how renting an office space at Strategic Workspace has helped Gary grow his company, Gary replied “It’s the open concept, like the kitchen area, where people/business’s can all hangout and I am able to get acquainted with them and network. A lot of shared office spaces lack communication, but it’s not like that here. I feel like it’s a small community because of how open the spaces/building is.”

If you would like more information on Gary and his business, check out his website.  Lastly, if you would like to find out more about Strategic Workspace, click HERE to learn about us or schedule a FREE tour now!

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