What can you create out for success


Because a lot of people and Tony Robbins put it pretty well. He says, you know, astronauts, they’ve worked so hard to get on the moon and then they get on the moon and then they’re like, what’s next. Right. When they get correct, they get depressed because they feel like that’s the end of it. Right. I think successful people do that also. It’s a good thing, a bad thing. Right? Cause it’s like, you go to a point and you’re like, okay, I got there and you’re just not as fulfilled as you thought you were going to be. Right. And so you look for the next thing. But there’s also that thing of like, if you don’t look at what you can also create out of your success, that may be bigger and better, you can become complacent and be like, you know what, nothing I do is going to make me feel fulfilled.

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