And all of that. In fact, when you and I met three, four or five years ago, when I met you, I think I had like 15 employees. And you, I think you had a small team and me, and you were doing, you know, decent a good amount of projects. And I’m like, how do you have a, such a small team? And you mentioned how you outsource and you’ve got people to do this and that. And then our businesses are different obviously. But, you know, I really kind of took that. And, and I realized that now it’s not about the size of your team. In fact, if you can do more deals with a smaller team, it’s way more efficient, I’ve scaled down quite a bit from those employees and outsource a lot more things, but you don’t have to have a large team to do a good deal. So you just have to have good people that are managing what you’re doing, efficient, super-efficient, the more efficient you can be. I mean, people, you know, people look at numbers and say, well, I do this many deals and I’ve got this many employees and that doesn’t mean anything.

Tony Javier is the owner of Strategic Workspace, Real Estate Masters, and Professional Home Buyers which is an INC 5000 rated company. If you want to get more valuable information and connect with Tony go to

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