It was one question that allowed me to negotiate the best. And it was if I were to be able to get you to cash in seven days or the day of your choice, buy your property as is without having you do repairs, yada, yada, yada, what is the least you’d be willing to take for your property. And then you basically answer as you’ve already solved the problems in their head. They want cash on the day of their choice. They want to sell their property as-is. They want you to just hit the pain points. I remember the first time I ever asked this question when I heard it like 10 years ago, I was going to offer them like $50,000 for this house. And it was still going to be a heck of a deal. And I asked that question, and instead of me giving that number, I asked that question and they said, give me $30,000 and closed next week. And the house is yours. And I’m like it was just, it was just a process. It was one question that I had to ask.

Tony Javier is the owner of Strategic Workspace, Real Estate Masters, and Professional Home Buyers which is an INC 5000 rated company. If you want to get more valuable information and connect with Tony go to

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